Rigol DP711

Rigol DP711
Rigol DP711 Rigol DP711 Rigol DP711 Rigol DP711
Výrobce: Rigol
Model: DP711
Dostupnost: Rádi dodáme na objednávku
Cena: 9 459 Kč
bez DPH: 7 818 Kč
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Programmable Linear DC Power Supply, Single Channel 0-30V/5A, Output Power 150W

DP700 series power supply is a type of affordable programmable linear DC power supply with high performance. With superb performance specifications, pure and reliable output, and clear user interface, the DP700 series supports timing output and trigger function, and provides a remote communication interface, enabling you to meet your diversified test requirements.

Feature and Benifits

  • single output, 30V/5A, total power up to 150W
  • Low ripple and noise: <500µVrms/3mVpp, <2mArms
  • Excellent load and line regulation rate: <0.01% + 2mV, <0.01% + 2mA
  • Transient response time: <50µs
  • 1mV/1mA resolution (optional)
  • Sound overvoltage/overcurrent/overtemperature (OVP/OCP/OTP) protection, response time for the OVP <10ms
  • External trigger function supported, enabling synchronous output for multiple devices (optional)
  • Timing output supported (10 ms to 99999 s) for up to 2,048 groups (optional)
  • 3.5-inch TFT-LCD, compact and elegant, easy to use
  • Front panel locking and any specified key locking supported
  • 3.5 Inch TFT Display
  • RS232 interface communication supported

Standard Accessories

  • Power cord
  • Fuse 50T-025H 250V 2.5A
  • Quick Guide

Optional Accessories

  • 1mV & 1mA High Resolution (HIRES-DP700)
  • Trigger (external synchronous trigger input and output) (TRIGGER-DP700)
  • Timer (TIMER-DP700)
  • Rack Mount Kit (for a single instrument) (RM-1-DP700)
  • Rack Mount Kit (for two instruments) (RM-2-DP700)
  • Rack Mount Kit (for three instruments) (RM-3-DP700)


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