Rigol DSG3060

Rigol DSG3060
Rigol DSG3060 Rigol DSG3060
Výrobce: Rigol
Model: DSG3060
Dostupnost: Rádi dodáme na objednávku
Cena: 236 700 Kč
bez DPH: 195 620 Kč
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RF signal generator with a maximum frequency 6 GHz.

The DSG3000 Series offers standard AM/FM/ØM analog modulation, as well as options for I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output. The DSG3060 has a maximum frequency of 6 GHz. Featuring a high signal purity with phase noise measuring <-110dBc/Hz@20kHz (typical) and a wide output range of -130dBm to +25dBm, the DSG3000 RF signal generator has standard pulse modulation with an on/off ratio of up to 80dB, with optional pulse train generator available. The DSG3000 series also has an amplitude accuracy of <0.5dB (typical).

Feature and Benefits

  • Frequency Range 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Highest frequency: 3GHz/6GHz
  • Amplitude accuracy: <0.5dB (typical)
  • Output amplitude range: -130 dBm to +13 dBm
  • High signal purity, phase noise: <-110dBc/Hz@20kHz (typical)
  • Standard 0.5ppm internal clock; 5ppb high stable clock for option
  • Standard AM/FM/ΦM analog modulation
  • Standard pulse modulation; on/off ratio up to 80dB; pulse train generator for option
  • I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output (only DSG3000-IQ model)
  • All modulations support internal and external modulation modes
  • Standard 2U height design to save rack space; rack mount kit is available
  • Standard USB/LAN/GPIB remote control interfaces; support SCPI command set
  • Wear-free electronic attenuator design
  • Well-designed automatic flatness calibration function (Cables, attenuators, amplifiers and so on) for test
  • system with power meter control

Standard Accessories

  • Quick Guide
  • Power Cord

Optional Accessories and Software Options

  • PUG-DSG3000 - Pulse Train Generator
  • OCXO-A08 - High Stable OCXO Reference Clock
  • IQ-DSG3000 - I/Q Modulation, Baseband Output
  • RM-DSG3000 - Rack Mount Kit
  • PMC-DSG3000 - Power Meter Controller
  • RF Adaptor Kit - Include: N(F)-N(F) adaptor (1pcs), N(M)-N(M) adaptor (1pcs), N(M)-SMA(F) adaptor (2pcs), N(M)-BNC(F) adaptor (2pcs), SMA(F)-SMA(F) adaptor (1pcs), SMA(M)-SMA(M) adaptor (1pcs), BNC T type adaptor (1pcs), 50 Ω SMA load (1pcs), 50 Ω BNC impedance adaptor (1pcs)
  • RF CATV Kit - 50 Ω to 75 Ω adaptor (2pcs)
  • RF Attenuator Kit - 6dB attenuator (1pcs), 10dB attenuator (2pcs)
  • CB-NM-NM-75-L-12G - N(M)-N(M) RF cable
  • CB-NM-SMAM-75-L-12G - N(M)-SMA(M) RF cable
  • RX1000 - RF demo kit (receiver)


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